Where should I begin? Well, who knew that a Facebook message would lead us to here? I have had the honor of working with you in various capacities, and it has all been a pleasure. I've worked with many people, brands, celebs, etc., but I have yet to meet ANYONE that is so passionate about their brand/foundation. You live, eat, sleep (whenever you decide to sleep lol) SWV. Your story has become the motivation for others. Your will to inspire has become the platform for others to UNLOCK their voice. Your drive to help others have become the moving force for others to go on when they felt like giving up. YOU have showed people that you don't have be what you have gone through. YOU have showed people that they don't have to be afraid. YOU have giving surviving a new face!!!!

Thank you for trusting me with your brand (baby). Thank you for striving to always be better than you were yesterday. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to activate this grand event that has touched so many. I found myself shedding tears this weekend just thinking of how courageous everyone is for sharing their stories.

Do you see what YOU did? YOU brought so many people together who were meant to be silent. These people were meant to never overcome, but you have helped them do so. If you never do anything else (which I know that's NOT the case *smiley face*) just look at what you have already done. 4 cities with chapters, local/national media coverage, 2 books, a publishing company, a notable foundation, a wife, a mother, a loan officer, a friend, a sister to many, but most of all a SURVIVOR WITH A VOICE!!!!!


La'Torria Lemon

The strength of Alissa's words will empower you to move forward in life no matter what you have faced. Use your stones as stepping stones and be blessed.

Marita Kinney
BCC Board Certified Life Coach | www.MaritaKinney.com


When I first connected with Alissa one thing that stood out to me the most was her heart. Despite all that she and her family were enduring at the time, she wasn't bitter or angry; she was joyful, always standing with a smile on her face.

As we grew closer and I learned more of her story I saw a fighter and overcomer. When I looked in her eyes I could see a lot of pain. She lightly shared about her abuse, never going into detail as she has in the pages that follow. I didn't need her to share more because I could hear it in her voice, see it in her face and read it in her eyes. There's an unspoken understanding when one abused woman looks into the eyes of another. You just know.

Alissa, it has been such a blessing to witness your journey and growth first hand. Just another example of how great our God is! I love you! God is using you to display His greatness so stay encouraged, honorable and faithful my dear - you haven't seen anything yet!

Porshea Wilkins-Agomo