Mending the matters of a Survivors heart.

Alissa R. Jones knows firsthand of the many challenges those whom encountered sexual abuse face. Having her innocence violated at the tender age of 11. As the pain of the past attempted to place an emotional crutch on Alissa's life, she made the conscious decision to triumph over this life hurdle and began to advocate on behalf of others who were silently suffering from their wounds.

Women effected by the atrocities of abuse. Rather physical, mental or emotional led Alissa to be more vocal in her community. And from that, SWV "Survivors with Voices" was forged. A non-profit organization which caters to the needs of survivors.
A woman who walks the talk by teaching others the practical life skills she adapted into her own healing. Yes, she is truly the Survivor Inspiration teaching those whom are willing to learn how to apply these life changing principles and free themselves to move on.

Her assignment is to teach you how to identify the box you’ve been placed in, how to get out of it, & how to train your mind, heart, soul and spirit to be your greatest ally in living instead of just existing.


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Most popular Teaching Series include:

  • The Stones That Built Me Strong” Teaching Series Based on Book and Workbook.
  • Rediscovering The Power of Your Own Voice Special Workshop for Sexual Assault Victims.
  • Letting Go and Moving On How to heal Old Wounds and Start Anew.
  • Restoring Hope & Redefining Love For The Male Counterpart (Series on Surviving Dating, Marriage after Sexual Abuse)
  • The Power Of Forgiveness Series Inspired By the Odessa Award.
  • You're Worth It Series on Loving Self, Loving Others and Trusting your heart again.

Share your heart in a one on one initial consult with Alissa “The Survivor Inspirationalist”

Have you found yourself struggling in the following areas?

  • Feeling Invaluable?
  • Struggling to accomplish goals?
  • Feelings of Grief and Guilt?
  • Loneliness?
  • Paralyzed by Fear?
  • Anger and Frustration?

Share your heart with Alissa. Allow her to help you move pass these negative emotions into the purpose pass the pain.

  • Group & One on One programs available
  • Medical Insurance Accepted
  • Payment Plans Available

  • Virtual Session Option Available!


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